Having worked professionally as a grip, editor, director, producer, and DP, I've built a strong knowledge of many jobs in the production process- an essential trait to effective collaboration.  I've directed crews and casts of all sizes and levels, and have developed the ability to think on my feet and adapt under changing conditions.

Organization, collaboration, efficiency, and smart budgeting are my cornerstones to effective producing- because "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance".  My work has resulted in five Chicago/Midwest Emmy nominations since 2010.



From shooting and lighting to sound and gripping, I know my way around a set, and earned a 2011 Chicago/Midwest Emmy nomination for photography.


I'm no stranger to the creative process.  In addition to consulting with clients to create and pitch original creative concepts, I'm constantly writing independent projects.



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Hello!  Thanks for visiting my site.  Here you'll find a few things about my professional background.


I'm originally from Detroit, graduated from Michigan State University, and have lived and worked in Chicago since 2006.


I've worked with hundreds of clients on countless projects, traveled the world, independently produced my own films, and even earned a few awards along the way.


I've worn many hats— having worked professionally as an editor, producer, director, camera operator, writer, and DP.  As a director that produces, and a shooter that edits— my experience has taught me how to work with everybody.


I love what I do.  Let's make great stuff together.

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